Unknown / Unbranded Designer Collection @vintagedresscloset

Great vintage designer pieces that preceded labels, or lost their labels along the way.

1920s dress 1930s dress 1930s knit dress 1940s dress 1940s gown 1940s jacket 1950s 1950s dress 1950s skirt 1950s tulle gown 1950s wedding dress 1960s 1960s coat 1960s dress 1960s formal dress 1970s 1970s dress 1970s sundress 1970s wedding dress 20s dress 20s garnet necklace 20s gown 30s dress 30s garnet necklace 30s jacket 30s knit dress 30s lace dress 40s 40s brocade 40s cheongsam 40s cocktail dress 40s dress 40s halter 40s jacket 40s purse 40s wedding dress 40s white dress 40s yellow floral dress 50s 50s bride 50s circle skirt 50s cocktail dress 50s cotton dress 50s cotton skirt 50s cupcake gown 50s dress 50s prom 50s prom dress 50s short wedding dress 50s skirt 50s wedding dress 60s 60s caftan 60s chiffon 60s coat 60s cocktail dress 60s damask 60s dress 60s sweater 60s top 70s 70s blouse 70s dress 70s kaftan 70s secretary blouse 70s sundress 70s white dress antique garnet necklace antique jacket art deco jacket beaded sweater black chiffon dress black halter dress black lace gown black Moroccan caftan black satin dres black silk edwardian black silk velvet jacket blouse blue blue rose print bohemian garnet boho boho wedding dress bouse bridal british royal colonies brocade dress cheongsam chiffon dress civil war cocktail cocktail dress copper dress coral coral chiffon dress coral dress cosplay costume cotton cotton day dress cotton dress cotton shirt dress cotton skirt cupcake prom dress dinner dress disco dress double breasted coat downton abbey edwardian dress edwardian gown edwardian jacket embroidered dress embroidered kaftan evening top fairy prom dress festival dress flamenco dress floral floral circle skirt floral dress floral purse formal dress full skirt garnet silver necklace goth green formal dress groovy blouse halloween halter maxi dress hippie homecoming dress ice princess june cleaver lace dress lace gown large dress LBD magenta dress marabou feathers marilyn monroe mexican wedding dress needlepoint handbag op art organza paper circle skirt party dress peasant dress pink formal dress pinup dress pleated dress pleated skirt princess dress pumpkin taffeta purple lace dress reenactment retay circle skirt rockabilly rockabilly skirt sequin tank shirtwaist dress silver lame dress spanish dress spy coat steampunk stretchy knit dress striped cotton dress summer summer dress taffeta dress tank top tiered dress titanic dress tulle prom dress velvet swing jacket victorian costume vintage vintage 1910 vintage 50s tulle prom dress vintage 60s day dress vintage beaded sweater vintage beaded top vintage bib necklace vintage black lace vintage black silk vintage bride vintage brocade vintage cheongsom vintage chinese dress vintage circle skirt vintage cloak vintage coat vintage cocktail dress vintage costume vintage cotton dress vintage dance dress vintage disco dress vintage dress vintage floral vintage floral blouse vintage floral dress vintage formal dress vintage frame bag vintage garnet necklace vintage gown vintage halter vintage halter dress vintage handbag vintage jackie o vintage knit dress vintage lace dress vintage lace gown vintage linen dress vintage needlepoint vintage paper circle skirt vintage pleats vintage polyester blouse vintage secretary blouse vintage sequin shell vintage shirt vintage skirt vintage spy coat vintage sundress vintage sunress vintage swing coat vintage swing jacket vintage taffeta vintage velvet dress vintage wedding vintage wedding dress vintage wool coat wear to work dress wedding dress white dress white gown white jersey knit gown white linen dress white organza white silk wedding white tulle gown wiggle dress winter dress yellow dress yellow floral sundress
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